Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Watching the Virginia Numbers Roll In

Well, the polls just closed and Fox already called VA for Obama. That was fast.

I really think he will get the nomination. I also think that McCain will not be able to beat him. So, say hello to President Obama, and goodbye to our country as we know it.

7:50pm I'm watching the returns on FoxNews.com. So I'm a little slow. But, Huckabee breaking out on top with 56% in VA? I know it's early, but that does not bode well for McCain.

7:56pm OK, it's getting closer. Huck's only up by 2% in VA. But 11% is in. This lead could hold for a while. Maybe until the big cities start reporting, especially around DC.

8:09pm With 24% reporting, McCain jumps ahead, but only by about 800 votes. The vote totals about doubled, so I guess some cities are reporting now.

8:58pm Well, McCain got VA. With 61%, he's leading by 4. So much for a Huckabee upset.

8:16pm With 32% reporting, McCain is up to about a 1,400 vote lead. The trend line is not good for Huckabee. He's got to hope that there are some rural counties yet to report. Still, I'm not sure if VA is a proportional state or not.

8:34pm McCain leads by only about 2500 votes with 49% of the precincts reporting. It's not a big split, but I don't know if Huck can rebound. I don't know that I want Huckabee to win. I would really just like to see McCain squirm for a while.

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