Friday, December 01, 2006


The Definition of Decline: part I

Decline definition 4.

4 : to tend toward an inferior state or weaker condition

And now, Christianity in the United States is declining. You can't advertise a movie about the birth of Jesus at a Christmas festival. You can't have a nativity scene on public property. Some people (and I use the term loosely) want to remove "In God We Trust" from our money. And now, you can't ring church bells because it violates a noise ordinance.

Back in 2004, Hamtramck, MI gave town muslims a waiver to a noise ordinance so they could sound the call to prayer 5 times a day.

If muslims had requested to perform the call to prayer in Fairfax county, do you think they would have been denied? As long as they didn't go over 50 decibels, I'm sure.

This is a decline into dhimmitude. Yes, I'm paranoid, but it ends with the Islamic States of America.


Red Light Camera Activism

This puzzles me.

The death of Mark Wandall was tragic. But it was caused by distracted driving.

From the article:

The motorist who hit Mark's vehicle was distracted by talking with a child in the car's back seat.

No amount of red light cameras will prevent people from being distracted while driving. I believe red-light cameras and speeding cameras are a money grab. This is a for-profit service offered to local governments by private companies. I have trouble with the concept of law enforcement for profit. Don't we prosecute police officers for that?


Man Bites Dog! Court Ruling Backs the People!

The 4th District Court ruled that a Proposition transferring ownership of the Mt. Soledad cross to the Federal Government was proper. This will allow the Federal Parks system to manage the cross and will allow the cross to remain.

After rulings that have removed the Ten Commandments from court rooms, and rulings against nativity scenes on public property, and without a drop of sarcasm, I can say: Thank God.

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