Sunday, February 03, 2008


Lee County Florida Gets a Nod

In Robert Novak's column. I was born in Indiana, but I moved to Lee County (Fort Myers) when I was 10. I graduated from High School in Cape Coral in '87.

Our County Commissioner back then was Porter Goss. He went on to run for Congress from that district (the last 3 reps from the Lee County area have run unopposed, Republicans all).

Granted, the mention is a footnote, but I totally agree:

A footnote: While losing the state, Romney carried heavily Republican Collier and Lee counties in southwest Florida by substantial margins. That represents Republican voters whom McCain will have to win over if nominated.

I am one of the current sufferers of MDS. The only cure is for John McCain to prove to me he won't stab me in the back over the next 4 years. It's on him to win us over. We (sufferers of MDS) are under no obligation to moderate our positions.

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