Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Watching the Michigan Numbers Roll In

9:00pm - Fox calls both races. Clinton and Romney. Fred is about 2300 votes behind Paul. That's a disappointment. I wonder if Clinton is even going to say anything about this race tomorrow? I wonder how media outlets will spin the 1/3 of Dems who voted for "Uncommitted"? Should be interesting.

8:57pm - Thought - If Romney wins, does that mean that Kos ends his streak of backing losers? Brit Hume says that FoxNews is going to call both races at the top of the hour. Clinton is down to 61% and Romney is holding at 37%. I wonder for whom they will call the races?

8:55pm - Drama! With 8% in, FoxNews has called the race for Clinton! It's a shocker! She only has 62% of the vote. Uncommitted could come back. Of course, as I write this, 9% is now in and they removed the check mark from Clinton's name. Controversy!

8:49pm - While I'm not enjoying watching Fred fall further and further behind Paul, I am enjoying watching the Uncommitted vote on the Dem side climb bit by bit. It's up to 33% now. If you add the 4% for Kucinich and 1% for Gravel, 38% of Dems braved the weather and apathy to say "no" to Hillary. That's a statement.

8:44pm - With 4% in, it's a little tighter. 36% for Romney, 32% for McCain. Thompson has fallen 600+ votes behind Paul. It'll end up close, but it looks like Paul will end up 4th (and Rudy will be 6th). On the Democrat side, 1 out of 3 voters turned out to say "no" to Hillary. That's how I see it anyway. Based on the light turnout, and the weather, I don't think that bodes well for her campaign.

8:33 pm - With 1% in, Romney leads 38% to 31% for McCain. I'm really watching Thompson and Paul. I know Fred didn't really campaign in Michigan, but I'd still like to see him finish ahead of the chief Ronulan. I really liked to watch the Fox News guys hold off on reporting any numbers until the polls closed at 8pm. I guess we've finally learned from the 2000 election. They reported some exit polling, but heavily caveated the results.

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