Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Dem Debate Thread

9:33pm - The Muslim question. Do we have to go on about this? This is a waste of time and I'm going to bed. I have to work in the morning. There's a lot a talk about what they would do, but no specifics. The first break is here, and I'm out.

9:30pm - A Democrat talking about accountability? How about the thousands of airdropped earmarks, led by the Democratic Congress? Hey Obama, bringing people with different viewpoints together isn't leadership, that's indecision.

9:27pm - If I was drinking tonight, I'd have to take a shot every time Edwards said "fight". I think I'd be halfway through the bottle by now. So far Williams and Russert get a low C- for moderating. This is boring. "Strengths and Weaknesses". Give me a break.

9:23pm - Clinton accuses Bush of "begging" the Saudis to lower the price of oil. Well, what would you do? Use your charming smile and bat your eyelashes? What leverage do you have that the President doesn't? It was a winding answer, but had no substantive points. Says she we have to imagine each of them as Commander in Chief - no thank you. I'd like to be able to sleep tonight.

9:22pm - Edwards says the tax code gives companies tax breaks to companies moving jobs overseas. You're going to have to explain that to me. If another country charges less taxes than we do, and thereby encourages companies to move there (like Puerto Rico), that's not something you can control, except by cutting your own tax rate.
(Heckler alert - but he's got a point - calls Williams and Russert on the race-based questions)

9:21pm - I want to mention this before I forget it...Unless my hearing was off, John Edwards listed his standard list of campaign points including universal health care, and called it giving "opportunity" to people. Universal health care isn't an opportunity - it's mandatory. There's no choice involved, where people can take advantage of the "opportunity" or not. It's command directed.

9:18pm - Is it just me, or does Hillary look like a wax figure when she forces herself to smile at Obama?

9:16pm - And then the Today tomato promptly injects more race and gender in the campaign. "What is a white male candidate to do?" I'll actually blame MSNBC for this. Now Williams talks about who won the "women's vote" where. Can we get to a real issue here? They've wasted 20 min on this tripe.

9:14pm - Clinton invokes the first anecdotal evidence of the economic downturn: a construction worker and a casino worker who had been laid off. But how would you solve that?

9:12pm - They've spent 10 minutes talking about how much they want the campaign to be about issues and not race. I'm not sure who's a fault here, but Williams and Russert won't let the MLK flap go. Obama did a good political turn in answering the question he wanted to answer as opposed to answering the question that was asked.

9:03pm - I turn on MSNBC (and immediately want to wash my hands) and see that there's a tomato from the Today show that will be handling e-mail questions. Didn't these people learn form the youTube debate? Isn't asking questions what you "journalists" get paid for?

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