Sunday, December 30, 2007


Ticket Predictions

Oneopinion at the Red State Blue State discussion forum has predicted Clinton/Obama vs. Giuliani/Thompson. Here's what I wrote:

Democrat: Clinton and Dodd. She needs a rock (gravitas?) to backstop her. Dodd is actually a serious, respected candidate that even Peggy Noonan callas "reasonable". I don't think she'd go with Obama because she wouldn't want anyone to upstage her.

Republican: Romney and Hunter. He needs someone serious that will bolster his anti-illegal immigration stance. Thompson is an option for VP, but Hunter has better immigration bona fides. I don't think Giuliani will be able to recover after losing in Iowa, NH, and SC. he's losing big-time momentum. I'd like it to be Thompson and Hunter, but that seems like a pipe dream at this point (I'm still waiting to see how accurate the Novak column was that said Thompson had 1% in Iowa).

Anyone else want to go on record?

I'm really shocked that Peggy Noonan called Dodd "reasonable". I think he's anything but reasonable. At least Biden has credible foreign policy ideas.

And as far as Clinton not wanting to be upstaged by Obama, I agree. But she wants to win even more than she doesn't want to be upstaged.
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