Thursday, December 27, 2007


Fred on Fox

Hannity and Colmes gave Rudy, Mitt, and Fred an opportunity to react to the assassination of Benazir Bhutto. They all made pretty much the same observations about the damage to the democratic process in Pakistan. Right now it seems like people on the right are looking to support our friends and the people on the left (and Ron Paul) are finding ways to blame America.

Rudy and Mitt looked ready for prime time - properly coiffed and nattily attired. Fred looked like he was fresh off the trail in Iowa. But his message was (as usual) consistent.

I saw those interviews. Do you think Rudy and Mitt were in a news studio and Fred was on the road in Iowa? Fred sounded very good; I was glad Fox allotted so much time to each candidate.
Mitt was definitely in a studio somewhere. Rudy was at least in a house/structure that had time to be prepared. It almost looked like Fred was sitting in front of a tour bus with a banner hung on it. He looked sunburned (probably poor lighting). But the message was still good.
Also, it's cracking me up when the Dims spout a social calendar instead of policy (I had dinner with Benazir, and took Chelsea; I called Musharraf today (!); I know many foreign leaders.

The cracking up of the world shows them to be what they are - stupid zealots.

I'm surprised no one, including Kucinich
End of comment - no one, including Kucinich, wants to go over and TALK to al Qaeda about Pakistan.
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