Monday, December 31, 2007


Drunkblogging New Year's Eve

So I've lost a wife and a family this year? So what? I'm working my way through a 5th of Vanilla Stoli. Vodkapundit has nothing on me.

Maybe I'll be able to forget some of the stuff that happened this year and move on...But I doubt it.

It's a movie marathon for me. First up is For Your Consideration. It's pretty funny. I like all of the Christopner Guest directed ensemble movies. More later.

Update: For Your Consideration was pretty funny. If I hadn't have had at least half of a bottle, it probably would have been a little bit mean. Catherine O'Hara was great as the older lead actress (really, why do they insist on being called "actors"?) who was trying to be younger than she was. There was a little anti-Semitism from the Hollywood establishment thrown in. Too serious. But still comically handled. Next up: Reign Over Me. I figure I'll be bawling after the first 30 min or so.

Update at 6pm: Just saw a preview for Vantage Point. If I was less intoxicated, I'd probably be offended at the fact that it depicts the assassination of the President. But, the preview actually was pretty exciting. It was kind of Rashomon-ish with the multiple points of view. On a side note, it's getting harder for me to type and to pour a shot of vodka. This could be a long night....

Update at 6:20pm: OK, so I'll admit, I didn't make it through the opening credits. Have I mentioned that I actually miss my ex-wife and her kids? She may not believe that, but I do...

Update: Less than half a bottle to go...I've got some champagne waiting for midnight..

Update 7:30: "She's crazy with a side of crazy". I think they knew about my ex...

Update: "Love Reign Over Me". I didn't lose my family to 9/11. I could've kept my kids without her. But I couldn't have them without her....does that make sense? Too much vodka, I guess...

Oh...was that the wrong movie to watch...I know how it feels to be looking for ammo for the gun...I'm still waiting for Saffron Burrows to come and rescue me...It's 8pm and I'm pretty sure I'll finish the bottle...

Update: 8:55. OK, I don't think I'm going to finish the bottle. But I'm going to try like hell.

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