Wednesday, November 22, 2006


This is What We Want People to Do (Updated)

Report suspicious behavior.

Of course, CAIR blames it on Islamophobia.

Wouldn't you think that 6 Imams (scholars) would realize that Muslim prayers on an airplane would be suspicious?

Couldn't they have prayed in the chapel of the airport (I'm not sure if it has one, and I'm sure the timing of the prayers would be off, but as I understand it, you can make up for missed prayers later).

Couldn't they have prayed to themselves, instead of out loud? I know this is an option.

Not all Muslims are terrorists, but 98% of terrorists are Muslims. What was the religion of the 19 hijackers again?

If someone shouts "Allah akhbar" on an airplane, I'm going to report that as suspicious.

The imams may or may not have intended it as such, but this incident will be used to get evil, western airlines to be more "sensitive" to Muslim behavior.

I am frankly appalled that the imams have the arrogance to assume that everyone should know about Muslim prayers. They're here visiting. I'm sure they know what happened on 11 Sep 01. If they don't understand why standing up on a plane and chanting in Arabic would create suspicion, that's the real problem.

I e-mailed Glenn Beck about this one. Hopefully he addresses it on the air.

UPDATE: Nothing on Glenn Beck yesterday (not that I heard - he spent the day ranting about Michael Richards)

A new AP story (via Jihad Watch) says that the imams prayed in the terminal and did not do so on the plane. Still, it doesn't change my opinion that visitors to the US should be more sensitive to American security concerns (who were attacked on 9/11) instead of the other way around.

Islamonazi CAIR Relentlessly Undermining Airline Security - MSNBC video

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