Wednesday, November 22, 2006


Maybe the Republicans Did Learn Something

3 candidates for the Republican nominee for President in 2008 that have been in the news lately are trying to paint themselves as the Real Conservative:

John McCain (with his Send More Troops to Iraq theme)

Sam Brownback (the Reagan Conservative that supports Open Borders. heh)

and Mitt Romney.

Of the main candidates, only Rudy Giuliani (pro-abortion) and Newt Gingrich (Mr. Contract with America) are missing.

McCain actually has a solid conservative record. But I can't forgive him for the BCRA and the Gang of 14. We lost our chance for President Bush to reshape the courts because of him (one of the big things in which the President has satisfied conservatives).

Any one that supports open borders (Brownback) will lose the primary. Mark that on your calendar. A "Fence First" policy will win conservative support. I'll even go so far as to say that anyone who voted for the Senate's version of the Immigration Bill (you know, the one with the guest worker policy) will not get the nomination. Are you listening Sens. Brownback and McCain?

So far, I like Mitt Romney. Although, I admit that I don't know his position on immigration. I like what I see in this article, though.

Contrary to how the AP writer slants it, you can be anti-gay-marriage and not be anti-homosexual. Being anti-abortion, but vowing to support your state's laws if elected is also not a hypocritical position. Judges do it all the time.

[Side Note: I hope I'm coining a term here: Mormophobia. This article attempts to drive a wedge between Evangelical Christians and Romney by mentioning his Mormon faith. In my experience, Mormons and Evangelical Christians aren't that far apart (anti-abortion, pro-family-values, etc...).]

Each of these stories (except maybe the McCain article) mentions conservative "roots" or "first principles" (Captain's Quarters was where I saw "first principles" used first). Gingrich is only being considered because of his symbol as a victory for conservative principles from the 1994 elections. At least the Republicans have learned that straying from those principles will keep them in the defeat column for years to come. That can only bode well for the discussion Republicans will have during the upcoming election cycle.

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