Thursday, November 09, 2006


2006 Election Results = Abu Ghraib

Those who do not learn from the past are condemned to repeat it.

The American people who voted to put the Democrat Party in power apparently have not learned the lessons of Vietnam and Somalia. If you go into a battle, be prepared to win it.

That was the lesson learned from WWI and WWII. Korea was the breaking point - it was the first war where we were prepared to accept anything short of victory.

Are we, as Americans, not prepared to do everything to fight and win and thereby protect our country and our way of life? It would appear not. When the going gets tough, Americans elect to leave.

The election results yesterday will be encouraging to our enemies in the same way that the release of the Abu Ghraib photos were. They will use it as a recruiting tool to show that they are succeeding in weakening the United States. Attacks in Iraq were on their way down until the Abu Ghraib photos were released. The events or Abu Ghraib are still used by terrorists, media outlets, and other enemies of the United States to show that were are the bad guys and must be stopped. The media says that Iraq is "making terrorists". I've got news for you: if you continue to pubblish the AG photos and related stories, you are giving them the tools to make terrorists. I'm not saying don't report the bad news, but the bottom line with Abu Ghraib is that the Army was doing the right thing and prosecuting the offenders before the media was involved. The Army is its own worst critic.

You can add the Spanish elections (following the Madrid train bombings) and the furor over the Mohammed cartoons to the list of events that serve as rallying points for our enemies.

We are committing suicide by handing our enemies the knife to slit our throats. Even if the GOP rebounds by retaking the House or Senate in 2008, and manages to hold on to the Presidency (Tancredo in '08!), our enemies will have learned they can make us weaker. How did they make us weaker? Not by defeating us, but by discouraging us. They have learned the lessons of Osama bin Laden: the US is a paper tiger.

Because of this election, the war that President Bush said will last 10 years, will last a generation or more.

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