Wednesday, June 21, 2006


Shameless Plug for the Carnival of the NFL

Pick me! Pick me!

I have a very large interest in political subjects, but the Carnival of the NFL would allow me to express my NFL fan-dom in an a-political environment.

1) Because I'm in the Army and deployed, the NFL has gone beyond an obsession to almost a religion.
2) I've been a Dolphins fan since the David Woodley years. That's dedication. I stayed up until 3AM watching Dolphins games on the Armed Forces Network.
3) I have spent entire weekends watching the NFL Draft.
4) I work in an office with a Redskins fan, a Cowboys fan, a Raiders fan, a Seahawks fan, a "Why, Edgerrin? Why?" Colts fan, and a cousin of the Cheifs' kicker (Tynes). There are no shortages of controversies here, and the NFC and AFC are equally represented.
5) I've already pre-ordered Madden 07.
6) By the time the season rolls around, I'll be back in Germany.

1) Yes, I'm new at blogging. But, I'm willing to learn!
2) I'm in the Army and deployed. When all else fails, mission first.
3) I promise I won't only report on the Dolphins (not that the guys in my office would let me). No, really. I promise.

What do you say?

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