Wednesday, June 21, 2006


Imagine the windfall for Adidas

The boys at Power Line posted a photo of John Pantsil - the Ghanaian footballer who put an Israeli flag on display after Ghana scored in their game against the Czech Republic.

They also covered the reaction from the Arab news media.

I guess they've lost some Egyptian fans.

Well, if you have stock in Nike, I'd sell before this picture becomes widely known: (via Drudge)

It's a reference to the English flag. Or, more accurately, the flag of St. George. It's the one that Christians fought under during the Crusades. There was also a local ban on displaying the flag related to the World Cup.

Do you think Nike may have lost some Arab fans?

Looks like a windfall for Adidas in Arab countries.

UPDATED: That didn't take long. The only surprising thing is that it's Christian groups complaining. At least the Daily Mail gets the Crusader reference.

From the article (via Drudge): The MP for Ealing North added: 'He should go out and wear Adidas instead. It's offensive on so many different levels and extremely nasty.'

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