Sunday, June 25, 2006


The Definition of Atrocity - Part II: The Russians

Michele Malkin, LGF, and Jihad Watch are covering the beheading of Russian diplomats that were kidnapped in Iraq.

This situation once again depicts the difference between the US and its enemies:

When a US soldier is suspected of committing a crime, we investigate and prosecute if necessary.

When a terrorist commits a crime, they justify it by a) quoting verses from the Koran, and b) blaming the victims.

And, yet, (heh) major (heh) newspapers disclose classified progams and plans that are part of our fight against these bloodthirsty primitives. To them I ask: Which side are you on?

On another topic.

I continue to hold out hope that the quick operations and timely recovery of the bodies of the 2 recently kidnapped American soldiers prevented these barbarians from producing a similar video.

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